K5Z 16-18.o3

8Josh W3ARD, Doug N6UA i Ron AD0DX planują aktywować DL88 w Parku Narodowym Big Bend 16 – 18 marca 2020, używając specjalnego znaku wywoławczego K5Z.
Będą pracować przez całą noc TYLKO PRZEZ SATELITY!.
Możesz znaleźć więcej informacji w portalu QRZ.COM na stronie K5Z.


But just to be clear, we are operating only satellites.
Ron, ad0dx …”

DL88 Satellite Expedition

Big Bend National Park March 16 – 18, 2020


Josh W3ARD https://twitter.com/W3ARDstroke5 , Doug N6UA  https://twitter.com/dtabor  and Ron AD0DX https://twitter.com/ad0dx   are heading to Big Bend National Park to activate grid DL88 on Satellites.

Big Bend National Park in Texas: https://www.nps.gov/bibe/index.htm 

We will be active on FM and Linear satellites for as many passes as possible for approximately12 to 18 hours.

We plan to arrive in DL88 on Monday March 16th between 2 and 4pm local time.  With changing road conditions and weather we could arrive even later than this.  We certainly want to arrive before dark.

Cell phone coverage is unreliable from DL88 and at this point we do not have a Garmin InReach to tweet passes.

A few people have approached us to offer financial support for the rove.  Josh will be driving his Dad’s Dodge Ram 2500 from Waco TX, picking me up in San Antonio on the way to the grid and then driving back to Waco.  He is looking at over 1000 miles of driving.

Doug is driving to the grid from Cheyenne WY and is driving around 2000 miles, also activating grids to and from DL88.  I’ll be riding back with Doug to Colorado Springs after DL88.

So there will be gas / food / lodging costs, and while certainly not required any help to offset our costs is appreciated.  We estimate roughly $400 in fuel costs and $100 in motel costs the night before the rove to DL88.  If we could raise $500 we would be very thankful.

You can send a donation to my PayPal account using my email ron [dot bondy {at} gmail (dot) com

So far we have $787.73 in donations, thank you so very much.

Thanks everyone that donated for your generosity, it is really appreciated.  THANK YOU!